george floyd and the opioid

It's the little moments, the ones that take your bre... ok, I won't.

I'm only here to talk about the trial, and how the presumption of innocence cannot survive the onslaught of the media, and the new era of millennial "experts", who, armed with their Bachelors' of Arts in Lord only knows what form of basketweaving, have established both the expertise and moral high ground necessary to be the judge, jury, and executioner without trial, testimony, or the presentation of evidence. It's 2021, and formal systems of punishment are out the window, due in no small part to a form of leftist authoritarianism that would make Michel Foucault blush. How incredibly dangerous this is, I can barely begin to describe. Most won't know such a tragedy until it befalls them. It's only unfortunate that we cannot trust that the people who reaped it, will sow it. Maybe, if that were a guarantee-- watching the retribution happen would be worth the pain.

I mean, look... I saw it with my own lying eyes: A total miscarriage of justice. That is what happened today.

Chauvin never had a snowball's chance in hell. Senators, the President, Mayors, and the leaders of violent movements all weighed in, some from the riotious streets, taking sides with the state, against a single man who, though perhaps imperfect in his use of force, was clearly and by no means out to kill anyone. Involuntary 2nd degree manslaughter? Okay. Fine. I'd argue there was quite a lot of reasonable doubt, but negligence was certainly at play. 2nd degree murder, however? A full bingo card-- a guilty verdict on all charges? The jurors had better pray for their souls. Perhaps their houses are intact, and their kids are sleeping safe and sound, but the karmic load of such a cowardly and selfish choice will bear down heavily on their lineage. It's a curse of sorts. That's my opinion on these pivotal moments that offer a chance to stand for what is inherently good, anyway. It echoes in eternity.

Though I diligently watched every speck of testimony, and gave it careful thought, I'd be castigated and labeled a racist for daring to claim any white man, especially one in uniform, didn't have the glint of murder in his eyes for a black man. The greatest irony here is that those in the streets don't care about the evidence; the truth has never and never will be what this is about. We're living on the razor's edge of a revolutionary spiral, a moment of suspended animation. When time starts flowing forward again, it will flow rapidly and cruelly towards an end that nobody could have predicted, save those who came to The West to shelter from its development in their homelands. I'm sorry to all the Soviets, Lebanese, Afghanis, Persians, and others: this is a timely outcome. We are in the Kali Yuga after all, and entering Uranus' age. Sudden chaos is a given. Any fleeing from the chaos is ultimately in vain.

Perhaps the greatest curiosity in this moment is bearing witness to the total and utter breakdown of democracy. I've always been hesitant towards democracy - we're a Republic, a representative democracy for a reason. Our founders were not stupid, but they knew others were and they knew what a risk that presented. As the global IQ drops like a penny into the bottom of a wishing well, I couldn't tell you if the juror's results were due to a lack of understanding or comprehension of their singular purpose, or cowardice-- the other genuine affliction of our time. Truly, neither idiocy nor cowardice can predominate in a society that hopes to maintain a democratic system. We're "educated" to the gills, but we're not as authentically intelligent as we used to be. Ask Ed Dutton and Michael Woodley- they'll relish in describing our decline in scientific detail.

I don't want to reflect negatively on the life of George Floyd. His soul will be measured in due time, and it is not my responsibility to weigh it. I don't think non-violent incidents require violent escalation, especially over the veritable toilet paper that is our money. I won't pretend to know how he died, although my hunch is that it was a lot of confounding factors bearing down all at once, but, I will say that the basis for the event was a shame and the police have much better uses of their time. The clerk simply could have had better instincts about the situation and refused to take the fake money.

Then again, there is a balance. The police are a force of order. That is their entire purpose- their job. They exist to enforce an order, to do a delicate dance with chaos and the chaotic elements of society. By way of genetic mutation and poor environmental conditions, poor schooling, whatever it may be, that proportion of chaotic elements is growing, against a shrinking population of order-makers. Every hour a new chaos is born in our hospitals. This is how civilizations fall -- these delicate balances are broken, and it takes decades, maybe centuries to correct.

There are most certainly things being broken and smashed that will never be unbroken. Legacies are collapsing, sense is going away. The most fortunate thing we have going is that a shift is only a matter of time. Just make sure you've vacated the beach for the tsunami, so you can be ready when the tide finally turns.

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