on being disagreeable

If you know me, you know I'm disagreeable. Some of you may know that word to mean "a bitch". I don't like wearing that word like an amulet; it's a word that women call themselves when they haven't fully assimilated the concept of "no" as healthy, but instead a bad thing that they do anyway. It's not a bad thing, and I'm not a bitch. It's just that I don't exist a tool for making your life easier. Small childrens' personalities begin fully developing in the "terrible twos" when they develop a context for the word's use and start using it with reckless abandon. It's powerful stuff, and learning to use "no" is utterly integral to becoming properly socialized.

I love the word "no". It took a while (a long while) for me to grow into that part of myself. In fact, for a large portion of my life, I was an irascible doormat- instead of saying "no", I would say "yes!" over and over again, only to explode later, after giving people enough rope to hang themselves with. I wasn't in touch with the idea that giving people an inch would encourage them to take a mile, and I thought saying "no" was tantamount to cruelty to others. I'd rather sacrifice myself ( gag ) so that others wouldn't have to feel rejected or let down by me.

Growing into adulthood has taught me that "no" isn't just for me; it's just as important for other people as it is for the person uttering it. Not everyone has the discipline to observe healthy boundaries, and letting or even encouraging someone to continually cross the line isn't kind, it enables other people by endowing them with false ideas about what is acceptable and what isn't. It trains their instincts off of what is healthy, and propels them toward what isn't. "No" isn't just a word. It's an extremely important tool in maintaining the balance between the chaotic and order. And what rules those deep boundaries, but Pluto?

The modern world is full of "yes". It is constantly negotiating with terrorists. It's constantly saying yes to lies. It tells people whatever they want to hear. It gives people false perceptions about themselves and about the world. No is mean. I loathe to say this, but this is the Pluto in Libra (Gen X) generation. Wishy-washy, overly "fair", overly giving, and scared of rocking the boat, hiding the stain under the doily. Just like with the bossy creatives (Pluto in Leo) and the bureaucratic managerial class (Pluto in Virgo) of the boomer generation, this energy isn't going to clear away completely until the generation in question, passes. And that means the dark, bizarre sex stuff (Pluto in Scorpio) our generation is manifesting, won't leave the generations after us alone until we go.

Pluto cycles, man. Terrible, but necessary. What do they teach us? Well, the boomers taught us that selfishness isn't a virtue (maybe don't put a reverse mortgage on the house for your third boat, and leave it to your kid, instead, bro?). The Pluto in Virgo BoomX'ers taught us that excessive legalism, bureaucracy, and slavishness to work wasn't so hot. The Pluto in Libra generation? They're teaching us not to be wishy-washy doormats, right now, as we speak.

And my generation? It's no surprise that tinder, #metoo, the rise of internet prostitution, porn addiction, the normalization of body counts that you need all the digits on your body to calculate, and to counter all of that, the rise of rebellious (chaste, traditional) sexual ethics, have all emerged under the Pluto in Scorpio generation's care and feeding. My generation is obsessed with its own smutty darkness and its struggle to balance its sense of power. We are very much on a power trip, and can't seem to sit down and shut up about power dynamics or the gender wars for five minutes. We've adopted politics that are based on the idea that we're at the center of power, and will never be staring down the barrel of the gun we point. Our Pluto squares to the baby boomers' Pluto in Leo, explaining the endless power struggles and disdain for the way they operate. We often say no to what is good for us, and yes to what isn't. Lots of "no" in this generation- a sort of taking back of the word from the Pluto in Virgo and Libra types who have no spine or concept of what the word means, but a totally undisciplined use of the power it holds.

These energies obviously operate on an individual basis to a great extent, but I've yet to see a Pluto in Scorp generation person untouched by the gender wars, the sexual ethics debate, or the discourse of power transpiring at present. You'd have to be living under a rock.

I firmly believe it is the Pluto in Sag and Aquarius generations that will clamp down on this horseshit when they're eventually of age and ability to do so, finally restoring the balance of power to the word "no". But, until that moment, people are going to keep saying 'yes" because social pressures dictate it. The spell cast over society will not be broken until Pluto's native son plays out in the darkest depths- just like the last time Pluto in Scorpio people ran amok: The French Revolution.

I'll leave you with the fact that the Marquis de Sade had Pluto in Scorpio. This is our French Revolution.

P.S. Read "Libido Dominandi" by E. Michael Jones.


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