sewing a summer wardrobe

I started sewing because I was sick and tired of wearing other people's clothes. I hated the fabrics available in RTW lines, and the absurd expense of procuring really nice pieces. I'm kind of an odd bird, and I like doing things the hard way. Sewing provides an outlet for a wide variety of things, and it's been a stable hobby to do on slow, rainy days.

This season, I've decided that I'm going to work one season ahead on my "line", so I can wear it in the upcoming season. Summer is fast approaching (well, it's here, really, but it's still cold in Central California), and these are the projects for the season:

  1. The Button-up

I get extremely warm in summer, but I also get sunburned. I want something light, airy, but something that gives me enough coverage, whilst also providing a simple elegance. I'm using French Poetry's Robe de Etoile as a base ( Sleeves will need to be changed, neckline slightly scooped out and lowered, and dress lengthened. My plan is to get ahold of simple cotton lawn or even a light cotton-linen. I haven't selected a fabric yet, but I'm on the hunt.

  1. Miami Vice

I already have the patterns I want for this, and I already have the fabric for the top. The top is a khaki silk, and the bottoms are going to be a white linen.

The pattern for the top will be the: Gilbert top
Bottoms will be the: Tatjana Trousers

  1. Beach Chill

I love this dress, and if I can get coral red silk for it, I'm probably going to make it in that, using the Leona dress pattern as a base (this one has a lot more ease, and Leona uses a stretch material, so I'll have to build in some ease..

  1. Color block denim!

I cannot find traditional white denim (only bull denim) anywhere. I kind of hate where textile development and production is going... so I'm going to hand dye white bull denim using Abigail Booth's "Wild Dyer" as a guide. All natural dyes. I'm pretty excited to test it out. hoping to get some cool colors, and use Dawn Jeans or my 90's Calvin Klein pattern as a base. After making a pair of Dawns, I loved the fit, and I think they'd be perfect for this project. I also think I'll hand-print on the stripes with woodblocking and fabric printing dye, since finding thick, colorful striped denim would require ruining a pair of vintage jeans for someone else.

  1. Simple tanks

I'm going to use the Axis Tank pattern and hopefully make five or six of these, and dye them using the same dye batches I plan to use for the colorblock shorts.

  1. Simple 60's

I think I'm going to use this pattern as an excuse to make a bodice block. I am very interested in drafting this baby myself. Fabric-wise, I'm still thinking about it. I don't want to do a tweed or a woven, because this is supposed to be summer friendly.

  1. Side boob

Going to self-draft. I like the cut.

  1. Double Denim, baby!

I have a vintage pattern for this and plenty of natural bull denim. I'm stoked to do this pattern.

  1. That one dress from Pinterest

I've been so obsessed with this dress, and Grasser has a pattern for it. I'm struggling a little to pick a fabric type and color, but I'm excited to make it.

  1. The bathing suit

I have a base suit from which to draft this, but I haven't gotten the swim fabric or wooly nylon thread yet. This is going to heavily rely on my ability to draft, because I don't know where to start with the bust piece.

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