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“…evils are not caused by God; rather, that they are a part of the nature of matter and of mankind; that the period of mortal life is the same from beginning to end, and that because things happen in cycles, what is happening now — evils that is — happened before and will happen again.”
― Celsus, On the True Doctrine: A Discourse Against the Christians

“The Hindu doctrine teaches that a human cycle, to which it gives the name Manvantara, is divided into four periods marking so many stages during which the primordial spirituality becomes gradually more and more obscured; these are the same periods that the ancient traditions of the West called the Golden, Silver, Bronze, and Iron Ages. We are now in the fourth age, the Kali-Yuga or “dark age”, and have been so already, it is said, for more than six thousand years, that is to say since a time far earlier than any known to “classical” history. Since that time, the truths which were formerly within reach of all have become more and more hidden and inaccessible; those who possess them grow fewer and fewer, and although the treasure of “nonhuman” (that is, supra-human) wisdom that was prior to all the ages can never be lost, it nevertheless becomes enveloped in more and more impenetrable veils, which hide it from men’s sight and make it extremely difficult to discover. This is why we find everywhere, under various symbols, the same theme of something that has been lost—at least to all appearances and as far as the outer world is concerned—and that those who aspire to true knowledge must rediscover; but it is also said that what is thus hidden will become visible again at the end of the cycle, which, because of the continuity binding all things together, will coincide with the beginning of a new cycle. (The Dark Age, p. 3)”
― René Guénon, The Essential René Guénon: Metaphysical Principles, Traditional Doctrines, and the Crisis of Modernity

I vividly remember the "End of the World" in 2012, at the "end" of the Mayan calendar. (see: https://www.cnn.com/2012/12/20/world/doomsday-coming/index.html). It was a curious event, because it thoroughly highlighted some distict differences between the belief systems, perspectives, and knowledge of the ancients and those of modern, western people. The Mayan Calendar is arranged in a circle, but Westerners will find the beginning and the end of it for you! That is belief in action... That is the power of perspective, and it follows that the modern West, and indeed, much of the rest of the world, is mired in Abrahamic perspectives of time and space:

Genesis -> Revelations

Beginning to end. Grape coolaid death cults. The world is ending soon. Giant Meteor 2024. Jehova's Watchtower publications, born-again end-time revivals... You know the drill. We have those types in our families. We've all seen the tabloids.

Our ancestors, basically up to the point of Christianization, however, did not see the world in such a way. They had a cyclical understanding of existence. A really easy, banal, meme example that most westerners would grasp is "reincarnation". But, more tangibly, perhaps we could include the unbroken 250,000 year chain between you and your earliest upper paleolithic Cro Magnon ancestor? Birth, death? Rebirth through your children? The cyclical changes of the Earth, the Moon, of the planets, of the Sun? The turn of the tides? Galaxies beyond ours that pull and push our own in a flux.

In a very remote period of human history, our predecessors somehow did the highly complex mathematics necessary to map out the earth's processional "wobble". They were charting grand cycles, noting them for a variety of very important reasons-- one of which may have been to pass down a reminder through the ages, that we needn't fear the reaper. But, we in the Victorian and Edwardian ages, in all of our glorious religious fervor and hubris, wrote them off as primitves and savages, and never bothered to take a deeper look. It became common to think that everything pre-Christian was irreverent and dumb. And we've finally arrived at the conclusion of that experiment. Can't say I'm fond of where the exercise led.

See, men in remote antiquity saw the cosmos as a gigantic clock (hence astronomy, astrology, cosmological myth, sacred geometry, an ancient interest in mathematics, architecture, you name it). And everything ran in a circle... everything was spinning in the great grist. So, looking back at the Mayan calendar, one might now realize that it isn't the end of the world the Mayans were pointing to, but the end of a processional age. Perhaps, CNN, there is a reason why the Mayan Calendar runs in a circle?

It's not just a spot of knowledge that we've lost, but an entire sort of intelligence. We have lost our grip on an extremely important way of looking at the world, a way of looking at things that is vital in shaping our behavior. Imagine, for a second, if instead of thinking the rapture was on its way any time things start going wrong, we instead believed as The Philosopher King did?

"What we do in life ripples in eternity"
-Marcus Aurelius

Our monetary policies, environmental policies, behavior towards our families, eachother, the elderly, the unborn, etc, might all be profoundly different if we took a few deep breaths and got off of the YHWY train from Genesis to Revelations and took a look around at evidence that excludes the possibility that exitinction is nigh.

It's been 3500+ years since compilation and formalization of Abrahamic religion began. For Christianity, about 2000 years. We've been imbued with an anxiety about our impending doom for almost 4000 years. From an evolutionary biology perspective, Abrahamism and, particularly, this attitude about time and existence, would almost certainly have selected for a certain level of neuroticism. It would have selected for a type of individual who is predisposed towards ideas of absolute beginning and absolute end. I have not explored how that would happen or what it would look like, but religion/customs/beliefs, when practiced, can cause a strong eugenic or dysgenic effect on a population over time, shifting the selection of cognitive traits towards what is penned in the holy cannon. I can only argue that it takes an authentic neurotic (or a narcissist) to think that everything began and will shatter in a moment, and that such a collapse of being is entirely subject to a religion centered around the compliance of and adoption by men. Strange, indeed.

I digress; I exit from the wormhole and revisit the purpose of this rant: the white pill.

Your view of existence is directly repsonsible for what type of pill you end up gulping down. Genesis -> Revelations only gets you off the earth in theory... to a place called Heaven, where there is no climax, no pain, no struggle. Only happiness; something that, to an actual human, sounds like hell. I won't get started on the "fear of suffering" stuff that is all wrapped up in the insidious Abrahamic brain parasite. I will only say that a violent/abrupt end with an eternity of nothing (just ecstatic, glorlous, perfection forever.... eww) doesn't make life on earth meaningful, unless you feel there is deep meaning in shit tests with anti-climactic results.

The truth is that most of us are consumed with things like power, notoriety, and fame because we would like to etch out a little space in eternity. There is a pyramid-builder in every single man (and a Temple in every Man as de Lubicz once penned)... and our programming entices us to bear children so that we may yet take another shot at the demiurge. Because this is encoded in us, it only makes sense that continuity is the most natural mode of mankind. Endings are as temporary as beginnings. That's all we can known as finite beings, facing forward towards the infinte.

The white pill is the warm embrace of an end that is not permanent, sufferings that do not last, and pain that can be transubstantiated into character and substance, a story, a legend, an eternal millstone, milling in the sky.

The white pill is acceptance of suffering and transformation through suffering. It's breaking the programming of fear. The defeat of death is through this knowledge. (Sounds kind of Jesus-y with extra steps, eh?)

So, when you watch the news, you'll know you've taken the white pill if you can look through the eyes of those who came before you, those yet to arrive, and laugh at the anchors' contorted, lying faces.

Life is better sunbathing and talking to beautiful people; breathing fresh ocean air and finding satisfaction in your work. Hope in life is the eternal bridge across the rapids, and your job isn't to fix everyone's opinions, but to walk away from such distractions and take a path towards the eternal.

Walk into the sun.

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