Fun fact about me (among other things on the 4chan GATE program kid conspiracy theory checklist) is that I had a near-death experience very young. At about 8 months old, I was almost a crib death. I had a tDaP and it didn't go so well. In fact, less than 24hrs after I received the tDaP, I was found blue, in my crib. I was a typical, chattery gemini baby, and the silence of the baby monitor struck my mother as odd. I'm alive today because Mom's good at pattern recognition, and was an RN once upon a time. I was fortunately revived from my hypoxic state, then checked out by paramedics, then a doctor, and went on to be the intolerable person I am today.

So, what came of it? I certainly don't look the the results of a botched medical experiment, but that's because the effects aren't outwardly visible. I have moderately bad autoimmune disease and what is possibly mild aspergers (still trying to sort that part out, but it's likely). Vaccine injuries actually do happen... just look at VAERS. They're rare, but they happen.

Scenarios like mine are the sort that nobody is willing to acknowledge. I clearly exist. It clearly happened to me. I'm an n=1, but I'm not the only n=1. I'd still never bother telling anyone who didn't have an open mind about the event.

It's not something that can be openly discussed, really. Narratives around vaccines have reached a fever pitch, a level of religiosity that is usually reserved for, well, actual religions. It's ultimately a denomination of a religion I like to refer to as "sCiENcE"... the belief that absense of evidence is evidence of absense... the belief that epidemeological studies have the statistical power to determine whether causal factors exist. Or, my favorite: if the black science guy says it's true, it's sCiENcE, and may not be questioned!

sCiENcE is one of those phenomenons that is hard for me to grasp. The sort of scientific inquiry I was taught to embrace most parsimoniously entertained rigorous scientific conclusions. It was never generous to the practitioner. That was it's beauty. It was beyond the bounds of conventional human systems of knowledge. I now see this as an ideal to be striven for, rather than something that is practiced with frequency all over the world. The scientific method is supposed to be an ascertainment tool that subtracts human intuition from its calculations. It can empirically judge single-factor, and sometimes multifactor phenomena, but it has seriously hard limits as the complexity of the system it is testing approaches inifinity.

It's human intuition that steps in when the boundaries of finitude are breached. Religion steps in-- a different category of knowledge, trying to solve adjacent problems, but perhaps, not the same problems.

If you've followed me thus far, you'll perhaps see why blending the two together into the modern sCiENcE that modern nihilists worship today is a terrifying problem. Something about the hubris of thinking we've finally developed the system that will take the felling blow at God, and a deep conviction that said system provides all answers, makes me think of cyberpunk dystopias. Finite beings fucking with infinite systems. That's Luciferianism in a nutshell. It's not that the light is bad; it's that we can't moderate our use of it. It's less a candlelight by which to read, and more of a lightbulb to our erratic moth. And that moth-to-lightbulb attraction is the "sin".

In my personal estimation, that's where this vax thing has taken us. In the midst of breathless screeches that "mRNA technology has been around for a long time", and the embarassingly bad shaming attempts, I find myself trying to center. It truly is a world gone mad, and The Matrix was a non-fiction film. It's okay. I'll be Trinity. 90's cool girl shades with guns and leather is an undeniably strong aesthetic.

Whether or not you think the SARS-2 gene therapy is 1) a vaccine, 2) effective, it would be difficult to ignore the frenzy and over-the-top performative signaling that has been happening as a result of it. People crying "tears of joy" in instagram stories. The constant urging of know-it-all women, for everyone in their proximity to conform the the standard of getting the vaccine. It's all strangely histrionic in the same way an born-again fundamentalist revival might be. All over a virus with a 99+% survival rate. It's kind of inconceivable to me.

There is the strong chance that these people have actually been terrorized by the media to the extent that they are having these over-reactions due to trauma.... and that the tears are real. I believe it, but natively, I cannot grasp how something like that grips hold of the minds of so many people and runs away with them. And, I promise you: this isn't me humble bragging about being awake. This is my combination of fear and bewilderment; something that has led to me developing an authentic fear of groups of people and their behavior.

In the earliest days of the pandemic... mid December of 2019, I was hearing rumbles from the stranger corners of the internet, and I told anyone (that I gave a fuck about) who would listen, that something was coming, and they ought to stock up on food. First, I got crazy looks, but after it started coming to fruition, this temporarily made me some kind of subject matter expert. People looked to me for information I didn't have about something I didn't understand well enough to offer good advice. I just told them to quietly stock up on the things they needed, in anticipation that things might go south. By March, they had.

So, I got spooked too. I fell for it in the beginning... the videos of people in Wuhan dropping like flies? The CCP nailing people into their apartment buildings? Yeah. I saw it and figured this was finally it. I've been monitoring pandemic-capable pathogens since the bird-flu scare of the mid 2000's, because I'm all too aware of manufactured consent, and if the government and its adjacent media resources never stop talking about it, you can bet it's on the menu, and if it's on the menu, they could slop it on your plate at any time. What confuses me about the situation, however, is the inability of most people to re-examine an idea once they've initially assimilated it. I was wrong about the extent of the virus (though, perhaps not the effects that the response to it had on the world). I fail to see what is wrong with admitting it.

To be clear, I have no idea whether it was intentionally released or not. It is, most obviously and undeniably, a laboratory pathogen. However, it is not, the pathogen we were told it was, and the shady dealings around the virus, medically, governmentally, and financially, give me great pause. It's forming into something, something dark, but the water is still to murky to see what is slowly surfacing. All I truly know is it is baldly authoritarian.

We are entering a new processional age: the Age of Aquarius. I know it was parodied in 40 Year Old Virgin, but it is truly a momentous event. The Sphinx was erected for the Age of Leo. The Age of Cancer brought floods. The age of Gemini brought the chariot. The age of Taurus? Mithras, and all of the bull cults of the pre and mid-judiac periods. The age of Aries saw the rise of the Arians (Aryans) and the basis of modern agricultural civilization. That is when we saw Greece and Flourish under the avatar of the warrior. What is more representative of the Arian age than a Spartan?. And finally, the Age of Pisces--- brought Christ... the fish. He is denoted as the fish because of the precise correlation of his "birth" with the entry into the age of Pisces. Christians always bounce around with this fish emblem on their cars, having no clue where it comes from. Always causes a chuckle.

Dramatic events coinciding with the arrival of a new age, and whispers of a New World Order, are precisely what one who is in tune with these events, would come to expect.

So, where does this vaccine fit in?

Well, in Archetypal Astrology, we reference myth for archetypal representation in interpreting energetic patterns that may present themselves. In the shadow of the Aquarian age, we developed modern technology. Uranus is associated with the "Eureka moment", but also with events like Chernobyl. Aquarius is co-ruled by the wild Uranus and the punishing Saturn. Aquarius is encompased in the myth of Kronos castrating Uranus. If you've ever wondered why people are suddenly either eschewing child-rearing or turning up infertile, then you can revisit this myth. If you wonder why the world is becoming a less sexually differentiated, androgynous, or even sexually confused place, the Aquarian archetype provides an explanation. Why is revolutionary fervor at boiling point? That's just the Aquarian essence.

Aquarius also rules the 11th house, which is groups, collectives, and humanity as a whole. Its Uranian side screams for liberation and autonomy at the cost of all other things, but its Saturnine element also clamours for control of these structures. And that's kind of how the vaccine is viewed: either it is a) liberating you from lockdowns or b) a control mechanism (some believe a fertility and general population control mechanism). This push and pull of Saturn and Uranus will persist across the age.

All the woo-woo bullshit aside, the vaccine, itself, is a large-scale, population-wide scientific experiment. mRNA has never been used outside of an experimental setting, and it has not been used to great positive effect. No medical device utilizing this technology has ever made it to market.

What it does or does not do to people's health, as a whole, is still up for debate, but as adverse reactions have climbed into the tens of thousands in VAERS alone (Harvard studies show that only around 1% of total vaccine reactions are recorded in VAERS, leaving the other 99% un-reported), explaining that away is a matter of deep religious faith; not science.

Masks don't work according to every single study ever done, and common sense for anyone who understands the basics of virology. The vaccines are leaky and clearly dangerous in many cases. Cases of the virus started to decline last April, and lockdowns only prolonged the event. The way the disease is tested for (PCR), is scientifically nonsensical. A mango could test positive if you cycle the PCR long enough. The economy is being heavily reconfigured, as we speak. The world, too, is being reconfigured. Something is awry, and the vaccine sits firmly at the center of all of this.

Suffice it to say: I'm not getting that shit.

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